Mobile & tablet web browsing reaches 40% in the UK

As of October 2014 mobile and tablet web browsing numbers have reached 40% of all web browsing traffic in the United Kingdom. This has almost doubled from the year before with October 2013 showing 22% of web traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices.

Interestingly, the statistics show that the increase from last year is mostly coming from mobile phones with tablet devices only making a small increase. With the rate that mobile phone web browsing is consistently increasing, many studies are predicting that mobile device traffic will take over traditional desktop traffic by the beginning of 2015, officially marking a major shift in the way that we use the internet in our daily lives.

Surprisingly, many businesses are still behind with their web presence and have not catered for this large amount of mobile traffic being driven to their website. With our Aex Responsive Website Package you can ensure that your website is fully prepared for this internet shift and cater for your increasing number mobile customers that will be expecting a quality mobile solution.


Mobile & tablet web browsing shares in the UK - 2014

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Platform Comparison Market Share