Nivo Carousel

Developed by dev7studios this carousel is one of the most popular image carousels on the web today. This carousel is highley customisable with a huge array of features to choose from. With the Nivo carousel you have control to change between a variety of different looks and feels, selecting the imagery to use for the background and navigation buttons or selecting the transitional effects it uses inbetween images.

  • 16 unique transition effects
  • Control the speed and transition time of your images
  • Loads of other settings to tweak
  • Built in directional and control navigation
  • Very small filesize and loading time
  • Supports linking images
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • 3 different themes to choose from

The Nivo carousel really is one of our favourites as no other carousel we have come across so far seems to glide through its images as smoothly as Nivo. This is especially useful if you have a collection of high resolution you want to really show off everyone.