Developers Blog

Fundamental to our website service that we offer you is that you will always be satisfied that you have the most up to date website and web technologies. We believe in constantly developing and upgrading the web system you are paying for and giving you access to all our new features as soon as they are ready and tested.

Any new upgrades, features or information we feel will be important will be listed here. If you have any questions about any of the items you read about or simply want to offer any suggestions that we should be looking into please get in touch with us here.

Feature Carousel

Developed by Brian J Osbourne this carousel is shares similarities to the waterwheel carousel but differs in that this is best used to display a collection of banners or adverts, much like a slider.

This carousel is based on the same system as the reliable Waterhweel carousel and shares the same lack of customisable options but much like the waterwheel carousel it cant be argued that it definitely does the job if you want a simple slider carousel to automatically circle through your images.

Waterwheel Carousel

Developed by Brian J Osbourne this carousel gives you a great way of displaying multiple images within a waterwheel effect either automated or user click-able.

We have been using the waterwheel carousel throughout our websites because its great autosizing capability. We use this carousel on this website to showcase our latest designs because it gives the user a simple way of flipping through a large number of images and also click through to the demo sites.

While not as customisable as some of our other carousels this was definitely worth while adding to our collection as it simply works so well out of the box.

Google Maps now available

Google Maps are now available for all customers. Google maps are a great way of getting a visual map of your location on your website and are especially useful when accompanied by your address information, often on your contact page.

You can easily integrate a Google map of your location, or any location for that matter, into any pages of your website. You can fully customise your map by setting the size and zoom level you want the map to load with. Our Google Maps use version 3 of the API which means each map comes built in with Google Street View and all kinds of terrain options.

Youtube now available

Youtube is now available to all customers. This can be accessed in your websites administration and you can easily embed a Youtube video directly into your web pages. Simply enter the url of the Youtube video and the system will do the rest for you!

Embedding youtube videos to your webpages can be very useful. Especially if keeping video content up to date is an important aspect of your site and what you do.

There are many features and customisations to our Youtube widget. You can set the height and width of the video you want to display (obviously) but you can also include your own headings, text around the video, and link the video to other pages in your website.

Twitter now available

Twitter is now available to all customers. It is now really simple to integrate your Twitter live feed into your website.

Twitter is largely becoming a major marketing tool for businesses all over the world, allowing you to update your customers or fans easily keeping everyone up to date with going-ons of your business.

Our Twitter widget allows you to add this throughout your website, on whatever pages you want and utilise the power of Twitter through your website. Twitter has also been known to help with SEO aspects of your website by keeping your content up to date on the web.

A high level of customisation is also available with this. You can style the Twitter widget with your own colours and sizing yourself from your website administration, and also select  the number of tweets to display.