Developers Blog

Fundamental to our website service that we offer you is that you will always be satisfied that you have the most up to date website and web technologies. We believe in constantly developing and upgrading the web system you are paying for and giving you access to all our new features as soon as they are ready and tested.

Any new upgrades, features or information we feel will be important will be listed here. If you have any questions about any of the items you read about or simply want to offer any suggestions that we should be looking into please get in touch with us here.

New collection of Responsive Websites for 2014

We have just finished preparing our new collection of responsive website designs. With the popularity of tablet devices and the growing culture of many different ways of accessing the web a lot of people are starting to prefer having 1 central website that responds differently to PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

To find out more about our responsive designs and to view the full collection, visit our new Responsive Website page here.

Fancybox Pop-ups

We have just finished installing Fancybox to all website packages. This neat jQuery plugin allows you to use pop-up content on the page without taking the user away from the page they are reading. like this

This is a Fancybox pop-up window which you can add your own content to.

Coin Slider Carousel

Developed by Ivan Lazarevic this carousel gives you a different variation for displaying your banners or images. The coin slider carousel has the added bonus that you can add captions to the bottom of your images as they rotate. The way this is implemented into our system allows you to easily update these images and captions to keep your content fresh and up to date.

  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Unique transition effects
  • Flexible configuration
  • Auto slide
  • Navigation box
  • Very small filesize as to not slow down your webpage
  • Linking images

Flexislider Carousel

Developed by WooThemes the Flexislider is fastly becoming the most popular carousel plugins available and is a personal favourite of ours. After reading about the plugin in Web Designer magazine and seeing how seamlessly the carousel displayed on Mobile websites we just had to add this carousel to our service.

If you have a mobile website with us then we will most likely have already discussed the options of this carousel with you. This carousel has been tested and works on a huge variety of different mobile phones with the added benefit that when you flip the phone sideways for a larger screen the carousel resizes automatically for you.

This carousel comes loaded with a variety of customisations ranging from transitional effects, direction and navigational controls.

Nivo Carousel

Developed by dev7studios this carousel is one of the most popular image carousels on the web today. This carousel is highley customisable with a huge array of features to choose from. With the Nivo carousel you have control to change between a variety of different looks and feels, selecting the imagery to use for the background and navigation buttons or selecting the transitional effects it uses inbetween images.

  • 16 unique transition effects
  • Control the speed and transition time of your images
  • Loads of other settings to tweak
  • Built in directional and control navigation
  • Very small filesize and loading time
  • Supports linking images
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • 3 different themes to choose from

The Nivo carousel really is one of our favourites as no other carousel we have come across so far seems to glide through its images as smoothly as Nivo. This is especially useful if you have a collection of high resolution you want to really show off everyone.