A little bit more about our services...

Website Packages


The heart of our business. We offer a low cost service for websites whilst maintaining the same level of design and functionality that you would get with a high end website solution. We have a variety of different packages to choose from.

Whether you're interested in a simple website for a hobby or family event, or you need a bespoke website to be the driving force behind a large business, we have the tools and expertise for all ranges of projects.

Branding & Graphic Design

Branding & Graphic Design

Aex are excited to be partnering with Steff Lee to offer you the complete package, adding logo branding and customised graphics to help your website get your message across and grow your brand

With this new partnership Aex are able to provide you with not just top of the line technology but completely unique designs and graphics to further enhance your web presence and grow your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the means of getting your website noticed and trusted by search engines such as Google. With over 7 years of SEO experience, let us help you gain more recognition online with our custom developed strategies.

We also provide SEO consultations and advice on how you can improve your existing website, even if its with another web company. We are more than happy to discuss your SEO options and what you may be able to do to improve your business.

Social Networking & Apps

Social networking & apps

Within the last few years social networking has exploded into being a major marketing tool in getting your business noticed. Twitter and Facebook are the major front runners at the moment but there are many different ways that you can use them to your advantage. Not only are all these tools instantly available to use in all of our website packages but we can also advise you on the correct strategy to use to use them effectively.

We also take on many custom social networking projects such as Facebook applications, competitions and campaigns.

Custom Mobile Apps

Custom made mobile applications

Want your own mobile application that is available on Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry?

With our ground-breaking new technology we are able to provide our customers with a complete mobile application package that is available on the Android, Apple, Windows & Blackberry markets all at the same time. Having a mobile application available on these app stores can have a huge benefit to your business and speak volumes for your company image.

We are currently taking on a large range of custom mobile projects.

Website Hosting

All our website packages come with free hosting and online support. We also offer email hosting in our Business and Custom packages allowing you to have multiple email addresses on your domain name.

If you have an existing website or email service and feel you are being over charged for the service we may be able to offer you a better deal hosting with us. Feel free to contact us to talk about your options.