Aex Website Packages

Choosing the right website can be difficult, which is why we have broken down the services we offer into 3 seperate categories. All our packages include your own custom Content Management System that allows you to instantly create and edit as many pages as you want, control your menus, and manage your media.

Both options also come packed with a host of features you can use to turn your website into a dominating web presence and if you want to you can always amend your package at any time.

Use the table below to decide the right website package for you.

What makes our websites unique?

  • Professionally Designed
  • Content Management System to create your own pages
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Social Widgets (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Loads of features included. Such as Google Maps and adding your own Youtube Videos
  • Google Analytics to track your websites performance.

Standard Package


Responsive Package


Custom Projects


 Set Up Fee from £300 from £500 from £800
 Website hosting £30 a month £30 a month from £40 a month
 Custom Design No Partial Full
 Responsive Design (Mobile and Tablet compatible) No Yes Yes
 Design Consultation Limited Partial Full
 Email Addresses & Mailboxes 1 5 Unlimited
 Online Support & Training Yes Yes Yes
 Search Engine Optimisation Yes Yes Yes
 Social media integration Yes Yes Yes
 Domain name assistance (purchase/registration or edit) Yes Yes Yes
 Submitted to search engines Yes Yes Yes
 Submitted to Google Places Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited Space Yes Yes Yes
 Daily Backup of your content Yes Yes Yes
 Ecommerce (Purchase products online) No No Yes
 Content Management
 Add/Edit Pages Yes Yes Yes
 Style all your content Yes Yes Yes
 Add/Edit Images Yes Yes Yes
 Manage Menus Yes Yes Yes
 Manage Media Yes Yes Yes
 Manage Users Yes Yes Yes
 Manage Blogs & Latest News Yes Yes Yes
 Contact Form (with Spam Filter) Yes Yes Yes
 Manage products No No Yes
 Custom plugins No No Yes
 Features (Desktop + Mobile Sites) (Desktop + Mobile Sites)
 Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes
 Google Maps (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Twitter Widgets (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Facebook Widgets Yes Yes Yes
 Youtube Videos (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Fancybox Pop Ups (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Image Carousels
 Feature Carousel (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Waterwheel Carousel (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Nivo Carousel (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Agile Carousel (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Coin Slider Carousel (view) Yes Yes Yes
 Slide JS Carousel (view) Yes Yes Yes
 FlexSlider (view) Yes Yes Yes

Choosing the right package

The bottom line is, we want you to be happy with the package you choose. If you want a website for an event, hobby, blog or maybe just somewhere to update people with information and images then the Standard Package is where you should begin.

If you want something more and feel you need the design slightly more taylored to your business, want your website to work on both a computers and smartphones, and want your own email addresses included with your website then you are best suited for our Premium Package.

Our Custom Package is aimed at customers that want a completely custom design and feel the Standard and Premium Packages don't quite fit your needs. Our Custom Packages can be absolutely anything and we have taken on many major projects through the years including Responsive Designs, Ecommerce Websites, Online Booking Systems, Secure Administration Systems, Large Multi-Platform Systems and many more. At this point we suggest you get in contact with us straight away to arrange a meeting to discuss what we can do for you.